Success Stories!

Alex Milshteyn

Alex Milshteyn“As an accomplished and ambitious Real estate agent in the Ann Arbor area, first impressions are very important to me. With the old me, People could tell that I was unhappy and didn’t like myself despite all my efforts to cover it up. I had let my health go to the wayside for too long. I came to PVS FIT looking for a change in my life, not just how I looked. Thanks to PVS FIT I’ve lost the pounds, but gained so much more. My confidence, focus and drive are so much higher. I have and continue to see great returns on this investment, although it is very hard to put a price on true happiness.”

Edward Surovell Realtors

This is a personal account from one of PVSfit’s clients and results may vary for other people.

Melody Neely, age 54

“Paul VS is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable not only about cardio and strength training, but also nutrition, weight loss, stretching exercises, and advice on how to avoid and/or treat injuries as well. Words cannot adequately address all the positive results that have come from my sessions with Paul. One of the aspects of Paul¹s training that really appealed to me was the option to come to my home and teach me the best ways to use the equipment I already had.  This was an obvious plus as I could learn how to use my own fitness equipment more effectively, without having to go to a gym or pay a gym membership.  Besides being very convenient, it also left me with no excuse not to exercise! Another aspect of Paul¹s training that has been extraordinarily helpful is the nutrition component. By going over my meals with me every week, he taught me how to plan my meals in a way that would kick start my metabolism so that I could meet my fitness and weight loss goals. The variety of different workouts that Paul provides keeps the sessions from getting boring, as well as demonstrating how many different ways there are to get in shape.  In addition, it also clearly showed how much time he put into planning each session to meet my individual fitness needs. However, Paul’s workouts are also very challenging, showing me that I can do much more than I thought possible.  This taught me that I should be pushing myself much harder during my own workout sessions.  He is always encouraging and truly cares about your progress and overall fitness. The tools that Paul teaches are not only life changing, but also the kind that can be adhered to for a lifetime. For anyone looking for a personal trainer that has the skills to truly make a difference in your fitness level as well as the ability to tailor a program to your individual needs, I highly recommend Paul VS.”

Melody N. Neely, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Immunology and Microbiology Dept.
Wayne State University School of Medicine

This is a personal account from one of PVSfit’s clients and results may vary for other people.

Rachael Hamilton, age 27

Rachel-before Rachel-after“Like many brides before me, I worked hard to look good on my wedding day. Unfortunately, also like many brides before me, I let it all fall apart after the wedding. In the span of two years I’d gained 29 pounds and 3 pant sizes! I had the usual excuses: lack of time, knowledge, energy, etc. And even though I tried several times to reverse my rapidly deteriorating physique, nothing seemed to work- which just frustrated me to the point of failure with each attempt. Finally, a friend at the gym referred me to Paul- and I owe her big time!”

“The first assessment was a huge wake-up call. I’d known about the weight gain, but didn’t realize how unhealthy I really was. I went into the training with the hopes of losing all the weight I had gained (and maybe even a little more) but suddenly it was no longer about that. Although losing the weight was definitely a goal of mine, my focus quickly shifted to getting healthy. Throughout the months that followed, PVS FIT taught me how to do just that. I met with my trainer 3 times a week for some seriously intense strength workouts. I was responsible for completing the cardio workouts he recommended on my own time. Every workout was a challenge; he pushed me to accomplish things I never dreamed I could. But with each accomplishment, I would gain a little more confidence- both in my abilities and in my appearance. Plus, the workouts were a great motivator to keep up the healthy eating habits PVS FIT taught me. I would keep a food journal and, on a weekly basis, he would critique my choices. In doing this, I learned how to eat right to maintain optimal body health, and a high metabolism. The greatest thing about the “diet” plan is that it’s not a diet at all. It’s a realistic way to eat healthy for the rest of my life. And it’s an easy thing to do!”

“With PVS FIT’s guidance in teaching me how to eat healthy and exercise effectively, I was able to get some fantastic results. I dropped 23 pounds and 3 pant-sizes. My lean body mass increased from a mere 64.7% to 80.4%. I also increased my physical endurance, my athletic performance, and my confidence! But the best part of all is that PVS FIT has successfully changed my lifestyle so that I will not have to worry about ever falling into the “post-wedding trap” again (or post-baby, post-holiday, post-vacation, etc…)”

“I couldn’t have gotten the results I did without Paul’s help. His expertise in both diet and exercise was critical to my success, just as much as the support and encouragement he offered. I can’t thank him enough for the positive changes he’s made in my life. He is awesome at what he does and I’d highly recommend PVS FIT’s services to anyone!”

This is a personal account from one of PVSfit’s clients and results may vary for other people.

Erica Concors

Erica ConcorsPaul is an amazing trainer. He is everything you would want your personal fitness and life coach to be- personable, funny, knows when to be hard on you and knows when not to, attentive, knowledgeable, and there for you well beyond the 30 minute sessions you spend with him. After training with Paul for three weeks I already see results and feel so much better about myself. With Paul, its not an intense diet or a fitness regime, it’s a life change and that’s what makes his system work. Definitely recommend seeing him to move towards whatever kind of goals you have!

This is a personal account from one of PVSfit’s clients and results may vary for other people.

Josh and Jessica Baumer

“My husband and I started seeing Paul a little over 6 months ago, just after my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 33. We’d been on a downward spiral for several years with our eating habits and lack of exercise, but we had no idea things had gotten that bad.  The doctor’s diagnosis was actually a blessing in disguise, because it led us to finding Paul. We knew that we needed to see someone who was a nutritionist as well as a trainer, mainly to help my husband with his blood sugar levels. He was great at helping us understand how what we ate would impact us throughout our day, tailoring his advice for a diabetic and a non-diabetic. I’m a bit of a self-professed foodie, so this was the hardest part for me personally. Paul made it easier by forcing me to be accountable for what I was eating and to really examine my nutrition as a whole.”

“Then there is the training…I was a little curious as to how he’d handle me and my husband training at the same time. We’re pretty much opposites when it comes to working out. I enjoy it and while I may balk at certain things, I’ll generally do them. My husband on the other hand is pretty new to the gym and doesn’t really enjoy working out. Paul is an amazing trainer! He’s able to motivate both of us equally, pushing us to do more reps/lift more weight than we thought we could. He’s great at challenging each of us to get the most out of our sessions. And I can say….it’s definitely paid off! We’ve both gained more muscle and lost more fat than I think we would have been able to on our own (I dropped from 47% down to 33% body fat in 6 months). The overall improvement to our health has been dramatic as well; we both have more energy and make fewer trips to the doctor’s office. While we still have a ways to go to hit our goal weights, after seeing what can be accomplished in just 6 months with Paul, we’re confident that it will happen!!”

This is a personal account from one of PVSfit’s clients and results may vary for other people.